JavaScript Interview #35

Coderslang: Become A Software Engineer
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Hey there! I've written this e-book to help you prepare for a technical interview in JavaScript.

JavaScript is tricky and interviewers love to post questions that test the depth of your knowledge.

This is a compilation of the short articles that I write at I have included only the ones tagged js-test, but there’s a lot more, so you might want to explore it further for more programming tutorials.

Here’s what you’ll find in it:

  • 35 colorful JS code snippets
  • Detailed explanation to every problem
  • A surprise on the last page :)

The blank space on the pages with code snippets was left there itentionally. Before looking up the correct answer and an explanation, you should spend a couple of minutes thinking about all the corner cases.

If you’re looking to learn from scratch, this e-book won’t be very helpful. It’s written specifically for those who are struggling to land their first or maybe a second job in IT.

But don’t despair, as I have a Full Stack JS course that you can start even without any prior knowledge.

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    74 pages
  • Size6.82 MB
  • Length74 pages


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JavaScript Interview #35

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