CoderslangJS: Learn Full Stack JavaScript Development

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If you want to learn Full Stack JavaScript development you’re in the right place.

IMPORTANT: This PREMIUM subscription to CoderslangJS also gives you full access to the Coderslang app. You can get the links and additional information here.

We’ll start by building a strong core JS knowledge. You can start here if you have zero prior programming experience as we’ll work very carefully to now overload you with new material.

Then we head on to building backends in Node.js and Express.js, deploying them to the remote servers with Docker. You’ll also learn to operate on a Linux operating system as most web servers run on it.

The front-end path begins with learning the basics of HTML and CSS and moves on to creating modern single-page applications with React.js.

The mobile development course teaches you all about cross-platform development for iOS and Android using React Native.

Eventually, we’ll get to a point where you’re ready to be hired as a Full Stack JS Engineer or build your own startup. To make sure don’t reinvent the wheel, we’ll have a deeper dive into vanilla JS once again.

We’ll learn Algorithms, Data StructuresProgramming Patterns, and finalize your education with the Technical Interview Preparation.

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P. S. The course is in active development. All Gumroad subscribers have an option of a 7-day no-questions-asked refund.

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CoderslangJS: Learn Full Stack JavaScript Development

4 ratings